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NYE Looks

Naked New Year’s 2013


Not literally, but with our makeup! It’s that time of year, NYE, when everyone wants to look hot and flawless in Edmonton – what better time of year to feature two great New Year’s Eve looks from Urban Decay’s Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette.

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DIY Nail Art

The majority of us paint our nails, but let's be honest - that trendy, neutral nail colour is a bit boring. There are so many different ways to jazz up your manicure that don't require wasting tons of time and/or money. I have tried many different do-it-yourself tricks, but through trial and error, I have found the following to be the cutest. Plus, they are the easiest and least time consuming!

Some of you may have seen the caviar nail sets at Sephora, which go for about $30. If you use the same supplies listed below, you can complete this look for as little as $5!

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Fall Beauty Essentials

Voluspa Lotion

It’s always important to keep your skin lush and hydrated in the autumn as the temperatures in Edmonton start to drop. With the added dry air in our city I couldn’t help but feature this great musky but sweet smelling lotion by Voluspa, the James Boyce Collection. The scent is called “Vintage” and it smells exactly so, but in a non-thrift store way. Its more of a dewy, and crisp late autumn smell. It’s a hand-lotion, but can be used for all over body hydration as well.

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Lash, Lash, Lashes

Whether it’s a special event, night out on the town, or an everyday look – I got lashes for you in various looks and price ranges. Look no further, this is the lash review for you!

I refuse to call makeup products cheap or expensive, so I am using the Mild to Hot range for you as a price guide, and to spice it up a bit! It really depends on your taste and what you are willing to spend for your look. If it’s something more every day or that one weekend party to go to, you really can get great looks for less. If it’s your favourite lash you want to wear over and over again, you might want to invest in something a little on the “hot” side.

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men - Beauty Basics

I know what you must be thinking… men need beauty care? Of course they do! How could I not feature an article on this when most men are in the dark about it and, let’s be honest, don’t care enough to search for it on the internet? But if you are a man and clicked here, congratulations! You care about your looks! There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, most women appreciate a man who takes a few minutes to add to their “getting ready routine.”

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Hair - Master Your Curls

If you are struggling to curl your hair the way your favourite celebrity does, or flat out just can’t figure out how to use certain hot tools - I am here to save the day with some instructional photos and step-by-step tips for you!

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ScruF: The Hottest New Men's Shaving Product!

Most men, much like the fairer sex, enjoy the experience of using high quality bath, body, and personal care products. Yet, when one peruses the shelves of many grocery and drug stores, there’s a real lack of such products to parallel the many that are available to women.

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